Here are the most frequently asked questions I get in the comment section of my videos.

1. Are you on Spotify ?
Yes ! But I only upload original content here, I can't risk to upload covers. You can find my Spotify page here.
2. What software do you use to make these videos ?
I use ACID Music Studio and Vegas Pro !
3. What's the process to make this kind of songs ?
  1. Extract the sounds I need from the game
  2. Make a whole song, sometimes with real music production and not just sounds from the game (and sometimes I even have to find/make lyrics and rhymes based on the character's quotes)
  3. Play every champion I used for the song
  4. Record every spell I used from the replays of these games
  5. Edit the video using these clips
  6. Make thumbnails and artwork
  7. Upload to YouTube.
It might sounds like a lot of work (and it is !) but I really want to make quality videos.
4. How long does it takes ?
It depends of the project, but way too much time. Sometimes days, sometimes weeks, sometimes months. That's why my upload frequency is so low !
5. Can I use your song in my YouTube video / Instagram post ?
Yes, but only if you use parts of the song (do not just reupload my video, please) and give credits with a link to my channel and the original video. However, be careful, some of my covers can get striked, not by me, but by the original artist. Please refer to this list and check the "inspiration" column. Original content is 100% safe !